Welcome to Stone Rook

Stone Rook is a brand built from passion by a husband and wife duo.

With Werner’s love of essential oil farming and Mercia’s love of online shopping, we now wish to bring our passion to your home.

Stone Rook is health driven with hand crafted products of the finest quality finished with a unique blend of essential oils and products.

From living on a farm on the South African East Coast, in the beautiful valley of Oribi Gorge, working with essential oil farming to moving to the city for love. Now married and eager to jump right back into what we love to do on a whole new platform. With our passion redirected from producing essential oils, to supplying the public of the finished products we are overly excited to introduce our brand to you.

There has been a growing demand globally for essential oils and their by-products as knowledge concerning their health properties and other uses has spread.

Organic essential oils are utilised worldwide in a broad variety of industries ranging from perfumes, food flavour enhancers and alternative medicinal usage.

Producing essential oils organically has widespread benefits for the environment as well as local communities. Environmentally there are no artificial fertilisers or chemicals leaching in to the earth to affect groundwater quality and create downstream problems such as eutrophication of water sources.

The management of organic essential oils is labour intensive and so is an excellent means of job creation in rural areas. This commitment to social betterment has been one of the main priorities for all shareholders in the essential oil industry in the region.

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